Closing your eyes to imagine this world is not enough… likely to imagine it, hard to pierce through it. Here a high-level mind, eyes careful to the tiniest details and an infallible hearing are not necessary… what you need is just your heart. That’s the only way these puppets come alive… those hybrids, half kids half animals, sometimes unappreciated and outcasts, sometimes vicious and ferocious, they narrate a world made of mournful hints, soaked with dark mood, deeply soiled with seemingly surreal atmosphere. The inside gets into the outside: everything seems made up, but in an instant you can feel the absolute reality hidden in it. Through a technically childish style you can perceive them: discomfort, anguish and melancholy soar to the air as the smoke of ancient chimneys… likely to imagine it, hard to pierce through it, impossible to come out of it
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Il senso della vita

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